Transmissions 1​-​10

by Martian Pirate TV Station

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All songs written by MPTVS unless indicated.


released March 27, 2014



all rights reserved


Scott Miller Music Davie, Florida

Everything imaginable

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Track Name: T2: Bright Green Socks
I burnt my wig under a hairdryer
Smoked a mirror and started a fire
Shook hands with a sneezing wolf
In Iceland at the foot
Of Dettifoss

Of course
I was wearing
My clothes for seafaring
A hat a watch and a chain
Bright green socks to ward off the rain

Bright green socks
Designed to shock
The clouds and sky
And ensure we stay dry
Track Name: T3: Little Sprite
You said, “She’s a real person
With real faults”
Still, I can’t believe that
She works at
A burger joint
But reality is not the point

I prefer to think of her
As a sprite plucking her
Ukulele in the ether
And either
Or ascending
The hills of heaven

Cos she’s a little sprite
A fairy floating through the night garden
With a tune and a smile

The spirit of the sprite
Transcends time
And the nine to five
Soars above it all
Magical and ethereal
Moonlit and mercurial
Swimming in an astral sea
So very far from the burger joint
Track Name: T7: Can
Brilliant blue Bud Lite can
Lying in the bright Florida grass
Thinks what am I doing here
I was happier in the refrigerator

With my other five pals
Together we were pally
As peas in a podcast
They called us “the six-pack”

Now I feel so empty
Both literally
And figuratively

I liked the beer
Inserted into that there
Tab on my head
But now I’m nearly dead

Cos some vile imbecile
Tossed me out while
He was driving his
Stupid pickup truck

I’m a can but I know I can
Live and love again
I’m cheerful and likeable
But, more importantly,
I’m recyclable