The Technicolour Gazette (Full LP)

by Paul Pennyfeather

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released July 30, 2011



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Scott Miller Music Davie, Florida

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Track Name: Auntie in My Pocket
My auntie is quite small
She stands about four
Inches high
Which is why
When we go out, when
I put her in my pocket

Tiny auntie
Can’t see above my knee

My auntie swims
But she’s too small for the pool in my gym
So I take her for ice cream
There she climbs in
A vanilla milkshake and swims

Little auntie
She likes me

I take my auntie to the tea shop
Put her on the table top
With the flowers and serviettes
She likes nothing better than
Sipping sweet black tea
Out of a thimble so tiny

Little auntie
She likes me
Track Name: The Technicolour Gazette
The daily newspaper is in my head
It’s The Technicolor Gazette
Issues slip right off the shelf
And the words write themselves

Mental monkeys work for no wages
Rattle their cages,
Express their rages,
Rip out the pages
Then put them together again

Liquid and ever-changing
Multicolour photo pages
Lifelines, headlines,
Bedtimes, stop signs

Twirling like a Mad Hatter
Swirling through the gray matter
Whirling through the day’s chatter
Collecting the dreams, the depths, the data

Special editions are a tradition
Borne of wanting and wishing
The imagination’s got stories to tell
Dipping deep in the cerebral well
Track Name: One Woman/Cat/Child/Man
I don’t need much to be happy
My gal, my kid, my kitty catty
One of each is enough for me
Quality over quantity

One woman
One man
One child
One kitty cat

One and one and one make three
Add a cat and that’s four, you see
We’re a one-of-each family
A four-branch family tree

I’m no philanderer
Procurer or panderer
No frivolous fancier
Or prolific procreator

One is not the loneliest number
When you’ve got one of each
Waking is as nice as slumber
When they’re all sweet as a peach
Track Name: Rain Away, Fade Away
It’s raining again
Cold wind
And inside this place
There’s barely a trace
of sun

But there’s coffee
Scotch whiskey
But, more importantly
There’s Vitamin Z

It’s raining again
Skies like Scotland
The cat sighs
And so do I

But there’s coffee
Irish whiskey
But, more importantly
There’s Vitamin Z

Little tablet
So nice it
Makes the rain
Fade away