1. Two
    The Scott Miller One

  2. New June Moon
    New June Moon

  3. Spins
    The Colour Wheel

  4. Baubles
    Charles Merriweather & the Carousel Cavalry

  5. 2+2 EP
    Paul Pennyfeather & the Rhondas/The Technicolor Gramophone

  6. 13 Puff Pastries
    A Dozen Bakers

  7. Nonsense & Stuff
    Stuff & Nonsense

  8. Farley Chamberlayne
    Farley Chamberlayne

  9. Away

  10. Go Forth and Oscillate

  11. Flies Again
    The Flying Kaleidoscope

  12. Flying Kaleidoscope
    The Flying Kaleidoscope

  13. Speck
    Astral Palaces

  14. Very Good, Sir

  15. Music for Guitar, Bass & Drums
    Pennyfeather, Shufflebottom, Sorengaard

  16. Sweets
    Plum Pie

  17. The Bat Black Conclave
    The Bat Black Conclave

  18. Grimmy Shaw
    Grimmy Shaw

  19. A Song in the Morning
    Newt Musick

  20. Victrola in the Attic
    Victrola in the Attic

  21. Ascending Cool Blue
    Ascending Cool Blue

  22. Life's a Dangerous Place
    The Beat Constellation

  23. Three Pennies
    Paul Pennyfeather

  24. Brain Blanket

  25. The Feast of Old Bones
    Pointy Nose

  26. Electric Pennyfeather EP
    Paul Pennyfeather

  27. Head Down
    Detachable Head

  28. Royal Gargoyle
    Royal Gargoyle

  29. Tortoiseshell Turtleneck
    Turtleneck Tortoiseshell

  30. Gramophone Green
    Gramophone Green

  31. "Stan the Man" & Other Favorites
    The Scott Miller One

  32. The Lost Corner
    The Lost Corner

  33. ?
    Modern Moral Dilemma

  34. Popunkapsychapholkia
    Paul Pennyfeather

  35. Mortality Poems of Robert Herrick
    The White Island

  36. Modern-Day Psychedelia
    Roosters on Parade

  37. Get Stuffed
    The Stuff Sack

  38. Gnome Alone
    Ensemble Gnomus

  39. Shunned
    Hermit Society

  40. Schlub Up

  41. Braincase
    The Osley Owl Extravaganza

  42. The Life of a Stone
    Technicolor Gramophone

  43. S/T
    The Paul Pennyfeather Thing

  44. The Earthly Bells
    Technicolor Gramophone

  45. The Monkey's Uncle
    Technicolor Gramophone

  46. Noel Hughes
    Noel Hughes

  47. Yesternight
    Technicolor Gramophone

  48. Music for Gods and Men
    Technicolor Gramophone

  49. Technicolor Gramophone
    Technicolor Gramophone

  50. Stump Trouble
    Men with Wood

  51. Philanthropy
    The Ragged Trousers

  52. When We Were Birds
    Scott Miller & Anjie Skaya

  53. Liquid Days
    Scott Miller & Anjie Skaya

  54. "When Night Hangs its Hundred Lamps"
    Jake Cutler

  55. 4- & 8-String Guitar
    Elgar Vaughan

  56. Blackwaterside b/w Linden Lea
    Pennyfeather Charlebois

  57. Geoff!
    Geoff Geoffrey Geoff

  58. Garlands & Goosequills
    Mr Universe & the Beautiful Cosmos

  59. Oranges Under the Full Moon
    Mr Universe & the Beautiful Cosmos

  60. Tag Rag & Bobtail
    Mr Universe & the Beautiful Cosmos

  61. Mr Universe
    Mr Universe & the Beautiful Cosmos

  62. Concerto for Princie
    Scott Miller & Anjie Skaya

  63. Pretty Boy Graveyard Handyman
    Paul Pennyfeather

  64. Giant
    Giant Seven Foot Tall Monster Robot

  65. Thursday
    Liquid Morning

  66. Transmissions 1-10
    Martian Pirate TV Station

  67. Tiddly on a Fish
    Paul Pennyfeather

  68. Son of Wainwright b/w The Home Stretch
    Sons of Wainwright

  69. The Grumpy Bibbis
    Grumpy Bibbis

  70. Two-Trackers
    The Technicolor Gramophone

  71. Songs from the Old House
    The Chord Organ of Death

  72. Big Feathery Scavenger
    Paul Pennyfeather

  73. Pennyfeather in Space
    Paul Pennyfeather

  74. Pennyfeatherland
    Paul Pennyfeather

  75. Bedlam Boys b/w His Poetry His Pillar
    Edgar the Peaceable

  76. The Impossible Possible
    The Impossible Possible

  77. Full-Time Dreamer
    Paul Pennyfeather

  78. The Knock Knock Rhino Bullhorn
    The Knock Knock Rhino Bullhorn

  79. Squibs 2

  80. Squibs

  81. Death on the Moon
    Hermit on the Moon

  82. The Man Within
    Gerry Dreadful

  83. Other People's Songs (& Some of His Own)
    Shaya Zelig

  84. Dublin,1900
    The Royal College of Sturgeons

  85. The Pennyfeather Parade
    The Pennyfeather Parade

  86. The Headless Jesters
    The Headless Jesters

  87. Oy Vey
    The Clarinukes

  88. Pocketwatch of Doom
    The Ascot Men

  89. The Clarinukes
    The Clarinukes

  90. Night of Improbable Occurrences
    Frankenstein Sports Coat

  91. Adventures in Surreality EP
    The Technicolor Gramophone

  92. Half-Heard Melodies
    Coruja Verde

  93. Return of the Monkey
    Chimpanzee Tea Party II

  94. The Sound of Shoes
    Sky Sørengaard

  95. Memories of Things We Never Did
    The Scott Miller Sound

  96. The Beautiful Way
    The Scott Miller Sound

  97. Demonstration Tape
    The Scott Miller Sound

  98. The Dead Majority
    The Dead Majority

  99. Two-Minute Songs
    Dunce Cap Scholars

  100. The Front Parlour Orchestra
    The Front Parlour Orchestra

  101. Pater Filius
    Pater Filius

  102. AIS Demos
    The Technicolor Gramophone

  103. The Fictional Characters
    The Fictional Characters

  104. Pastoral Pennyfeather
    Paul Pennyfeather

  105. Mud
    The Oppressed Peasants

  106. The Monoclist
    The Monoclist

  107. Guide for the Perplexed
    Ichabod McSorley

  108. Tunefully Yours, Geoff
    Geoff Thomas

  109. Bozo's Army
    Bozo's Army

  110. Music For People
    Unhand Me, Sir!

  111. Gothulele
    George Grimgrumly

  112. The Golden Cube
    The Golden Cube

  113. Days Like Polished Glass
    Paul Pennyfeather

  114. Style
    The Young Fogeys

  115. Mad Fruit
    Paul Pennyfeather

  116. Chimpanzee Tea Party
    Chimpanzee Tea Party

  117. The Back of the Closet Sessions
    Paul Pennyfeather

  118. The Astral Palaces EP
    Astral Palaces

  119. The Green Melodica (Full LP)
    The Green Melodica

  120. Things (Full LP)
    Paul Pennyfeather

  121. Sexy Barbecue & Other Favorites (Full LP)
    The Eligible Suitors

  122. The Chimney Sweeps (Full LP)
    The Chimney Sweeps

  123. McShanee (Full LP)
    Paul Pennyfeather

  124. Egg Pants (Full LP)
    Paul Pennyfeather

  125. At Home With
    Paul Pennyfeather (Full LP)

  126. 1957 (Full LP)
    Paul Pennyfeather

  127. Music from Phantasmagorical
    Paul Pennyfeather

  128. The Major Minor EP
    Maj. Minor

  129. Live at Jack's Place (Full LP)
    Paul Pennyfeather

  130. Red-Faced Shepherd (Full LP)
    Paul Pennyfeather

  131. The Warthog EP

  132. Cozy Christmas EP
    The Technicolor Gramophone

  133. Suburban Sketches (Full LP)
    Paul Pennyfeather

  134. Don't Eat the Flowers (Full LP)
    Paul Pennyfeather

  135. The Sturdy Babies of Yesteryear (Full LP)
    Paul Pennyfeather

  136. Paul Pennyfeather is Sky Sorengaard (Full LP)
    Paul Pennyfeather

  137. The Technicolour Gazette (Full LP)
    Paul Pennyfeather

  138. Lettuce Green Dawn (Full LP)
    Paul Pennyfeather

  139. Paul Pennyfeather (Full LP)


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